Six Myths About Steak



The word “steak” generally refers to a specific cut of beef, sometimes with a bone, but for all steak lovers around the world, this word means a paradise of taste. The best steakhouses can provide you with cuts of meat that vary in taste, color and method of cooking. However, before you start preparing to dive into the delight of the best steaks in OKC, it is pretty important for you to keep in mind the common myths and facts related to steaks.

Standing Time

Myth: Allow the meat to rest for some time before cooking it.
Fact: There is absolutely no need to rest the meat before cooking it, as a standing time of even about half an hour is not going to make any difference to the texture of the meat. Instead, expert chefs recommend a proper browning of the meat to bring out the awesome taste.


Myth: You need not preheat the oven or grill for cooking steak.
Fact: People generally follow this myth, as it is quite an easy option to go for. But as a matter of fact, preheating the oven or grill ensures uniform cooking of the meat. This makes your steaks more appealing and awesome.


Myth: Steak needs no marinating, as it gets ready to eat in minutes.
Fact: The magic in the taste of a steak is attributed to the process of soaking the meat in a good marinade that makes it juicy and tender. Marinating meat not only makes it yummy but also saves time while cooking.


Myth: Keep flipping the meat while cooking it to enhance the taste.
Fact: Following the above myth is the most common mistake people make when cooking steak. Cooking experts condemn this myth, as flipping the meat only once during the overall process of cooking is enough. This imparts a great taste and crispy crust to the steak.

Adding Salt

Myth: Salt should be added toward the end of the cooking process.
Fact: Moisture is the king pin for cooking delicious steaks. Salt helps in enriching the taste, color and aroma of the meat by absorbing excess moisture. Therefore, to cook sumptuous steaks, try adding salt carefully and at the beginning of the cooking process.


Myth: Beef is not healthy.
Fact: Any food tastes the best when it is cooked in the right way and served fresh. Stale meat or steaks that are not preserved under proper conditions can turn into breeding grounds for germs. Beef is rich in several nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make it quite healthy when prepared fresh.

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